The New Home Company Threatens Seniors.


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Permission to Post: Listen to Company representative Dan Jackson give permission to post the information on this website.

A Toxic Town Made Worse by

The following video is a New Home SS Nazi Officer
congratulating Fuhrer H. Lawrence Webb for
Destroying the Lives of Senior Citizens & Veterans.

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Special Report:
We have been very lucky in getting our hands on a video by one of the New Home Company Nazis congratulating one of the owners, The Fuhrer H. Lawrence Webb for destroying the lives of seniors and Military veterans.

Latest News:
We have been away for a while but now we’re back was Shocking reports from victims hope the new home company Nazis. We are going to post five testimonials from very brave people since they have been threaten by physical harm and lawsuits. So we have disguise their faces in order to protect their identities.

The Fascists of Santa Clarita
Apparently, NEWHALL LAND COMPANY, the owner of all the land in Santa Clarita thinks “Awesome” means a human being’s ability to thrive in an environment of constant pollution, toxic fumes, loud noises from 7 am to 7 pm — even as early as 6:30 am which is totally illegal and as late as 8 pm – according to some victims of The New Home Company’s VILLA METRO project.

Here’s what they DON’T tell you about Villa Metro:
It’s right across the street from a major toxic site called Whittaker Bermite, nearly 1,000 acres where the State of California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), says it still trying to clean up the contaminated groundwater after 27 years since the end of manufacturing and testing     munitions there.

         No where on the New Home Company website, where it advertises Villa Metro homes and boasts their selling prowess, does it mention the toxic site, the contaminated soil and groundwater, the most prominent pollutant being perchlorate, a thyroid-damaging salt. Or the fact that construction is still going on and new residents can enjoy noise, dust and pollution. Scroll down below the Nazi photos to read more about the horrors caused by Villa Metro.

The Fuhrer, H. Lawrence Webb
Certain people consider H. Lawrence Webb to be the fuhrer because of the fact that he is the mastermind behind The New Home Company. In every group of Nazis there must be a top guy who gives the okay for the gassing of innocent people such as senior citizens, Jews and US military veterans. All you have to do is watch the videos that tell the story of how Webb the Fuhrer oversees the destruction of seniors’ homes and the gassing of the innocent.

SS Officer, Tom Redwitz
But the fuhrer, H. Lawrence Webb can’t implement the gassing of Jews and senior citizens all by himself.  No, he needs a trusty SS Officer which, in this case, fits perfectly who, some people believe, is the personality of Tom Redwitz.

         Don’t let his last name fool you, for this guy is as treacherous as they come. After all, someone had to carry out the plan to place a water tank just a few yards away from Jews and senior citizens living in a senior citizen park next to the notoriuous Villa Metro. So that when The New Home Co. trucks sat there idling while filling up with water all the diesel fumes could surround the neighbors’ homes essentially gassing them almost to death.

Coming soon. Over the next week or two we will be listing all the other SS officers on this website. We will start with the top SS officers, Wayne Stelmar,  Joseph D. Davis and others until we have included their subordinates. It is unusual to see women playing the role of Nazi SS officers.

      But in the few weeks ahead you will get to meet SSI Officer Joan Marcus-Colvin,  Annie Charles, Fabienne Smolinski and Kim Forbes. All their names with be “key worded” so they can be found easily on the Web.  People must know who these people are and how they have hurt so many.

Here’s how the New Home Co. describes its housing project: “Villa Metro is a new community of 315 homes featuring contemporary Mediterranean-inspired architecture and a small-town vibe with easy access to Southern California’s regional rail network. Villa Metro is located on the north side of Soledad Canyon Road at the intersection of Prima, just across from the Santa Clarita Metrolink station.”


Last year, a Combat Veteran/Senior Citizen was the conspicuous sidewalk protestor at the Villa Metro site. He said that a platoon of diesel trucks rampant across the development track spewed toxic fumes 8-hours a day everyday making him and his family sick.  According to him, last summer workmen idled their trucks for 20 minutes at a time, one after the other, just a few yards from his home while they filled up from a massive water tank the company placed in close proximity to his and others homes in the senior mobile home park called Greenbrier Estates-West.

After nearly a year of operation on the housing track, disrupting the lives of nearby residents, representatives of The New Home Company and the Newhall Land Company which apparently owns every inch of Santa Clarita and “Awesome Town”, held a small community meeting last September at  Greenbrier Estates where they said they were going to address some of the issues concerning the senior citizens in the park.  The problem was that the Combat Veteran/Senior Citizen was actually prevented from bringing up any of his or his neighbors’ health concerns at the meeting and even the homeowners’ association president was inexplicably hostile to him.

Later he was threatened with a lawsuit if he spoke out. So you have to wonder “Who is looking out for whom?” Did Newhall Land or The New Home Co. give the homeowner’s president a free lifetime supply of donuts to keep the residents in their place?


Homes are being developed at breakneck speed in the ever growing community of Valencia and Santa Clarita at the expense of human health and wildlife corridors throughout the area.

Says the Combat Veteran Greenbrier resident protestor, “The city and state governments allow all these big companies to spew their toxic garbage at us and no one wants to take any responsibility, not the companies and certainly not the government.  If and when you get sick, even with something as horrific as cancer, they look the other way.  It’s disgustingly immoral.”

Last year, Joan Marcus-Colvin, The New Home Company’s senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Design said there was “no release of any harmful dusts or odors on this project”.


According to the Combat Veteran and other Greenbrier residents bordering the Villa Metro project, they couldn’t breathe and suffered severe headaches and nausea because the diesel fumes from the company’s trucks were so potent, and everyone had to keep their windows closed through the summer months. Even that didn’t help.

What Does The Cancer Associations Say?
Large engines, including those used in many trucks, buses, trains, construction and farm equipment, generators, ships, and in some cars, run on diesel fuel. The exhaust from diesel engines is made up of gases and soot. The gas portion of diesel exhaust is mostly carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides, and hydrocarbons, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  The soot (particulate) portion of diesel exhaust is made up of particles such as carbon, organic materials (including PAHs), and traces of metallic compounds.

The website acknowledges diesel toxicity, saying “Lung cancer is the major cancer thought to be linked to diesel exhaust. Diesel exhaust is believed to play a role in other health problems, such as eye irritation, headache, asthma and other lung diseases, heart disease, and possibly immune system problems.”


The New Home Company development continues daily and construction noise is endless, now into its third year. Don’t believe it?  Ask Greenbrier’s resident Combat Vet.

Who’s paying the health and insurance costs for the residents? Not a peep from Newhall Land, the Santa Clarita city government or New Home Co.

Here’s how New Home Company further describes its project: “Villa Metro is located in the Master Planned Community of Valencia in the Santa Clarita Valley.”

Considering all the gassing that it does of residents with its toxic construction fumes, perhaps they should have referred to themselves as the MASTER RACE of CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.  We BUILD; You DIE.

In fact, it’s hard to know which is worse – Newhall Land Co. or The New Home Co.  Both kill (the environment and wildlife) FOR PROFIT while sickening (and who knows, possibly killing) humans in close proximity.


Newhall Land is responsible for the master community planning of Valencia, as well as the “management” (a.k.a. DESTRUCTION) of farm land elsewhere in the state. Every time another housing project is approved, there is less and less land available for wildlife. Trees and bushes, both wildlife habitats, are uprooted or plowed under; soil is eroded. They don’t care. It just means more money for these scumbags.

When Villa Metro was first being developed, dead coyotes, raccoons and opossums littered Soledad Canyon Rd, which is right in front of the Villa Metro housing project.  Newhall Land and New Home Co. both thought that was okay too.


If you value your health and well being, you probably won’t want to move to Valencia or anywhere else in Santa Clarita. Today’s hillside is another master community waiting to happen. Houses on top of houses; people on top of people. In fact, right now as you read this, the toxic Whittaker Bermite site side of Soledad Canyon Road is now being developed. There goes that hillside!

If you’d like to express your disgust:
But just remember if you DO decide to speak your mind against the unrelenting fascism in Santa Clarita, you may be threatened with a lawsuit just like its Combat Veteran Greenbrier resident.  So tread lightly.  You might just want to spread the bad news about The New Home Company by word of mouth, which is much more powerful.

Special note:
I have been covering this story ever since it began with the poisoning of the veteran and his wife. I will admit for the last year or so I’ve been trying to contact the veteran without success. The veteran has obviously and unfortunately allowed himself to be intimidated by threats of lawsuits.

The last time I spoke with him he indeed mentioned that if he was sued for telling the truth and exposing The New Home Company wouldn’t have the money to fight.

So I guess I’m the last one to fight for this man and his wife and will continue to do so until The New Home Company shows in some fashion that they are regretful for their actions against this American hero.

Thank you, thank you.
The response to our emails and newsletters to realtors, brokers and those seeking new homes across the US has been overwhelming. We are now setting up to deliver the same messages to people in the field of real estate working and living in other countries. Thank you again, so much for your support and viewing the videos as well as signing up for our newsletters.

I will be posting recordings of phone conversations that will positively prove, that what is alleged in this article is absolutely true.

B. McGillis