The New Home Company Nazis and Their Pet Rats

Now, Here Come the Rats.

More lives were being destroyed by The New Home Company.  Houses bordering along the construction site starting finding hundreds of rats under and In the walls of their mobile homes. A couple of homeowners said they found dead rats every day in the traps they now had to buy and put around their homes.

       Some of course would die under the houses and stink like hell. It got so bad some of the homeowners, many who live on a fixed income, had to pay out high fees for exterminators. For a good while they stopped inviting family over for fear that somebody would be bitten by a rat or infected with a disease.

Again they were dozens of phone calls to The New Home Company and H. Lawrence Webb and none of the calls were returned. When they try to reach Larry Webb he was always unavailable. At one point some of the homeowners were told, if they were dissatisfied with Larry Webb or The New Home Company, they should hire an attorney. Larry Webb knew none of the seniors could afford one.

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