The New Home Company Nazis Silenced Their Victim.

Was MV and his wife permanently silenced after he went public with what The New Home Company did to him, his wife and others?

Desperate Veteran Gassed by H. Lawrence Webb Gets Creative to Save his Family. After more than a year of suffering after being gassed by toxic fumes and their home being severely damaged by The New Home Company I suggested to the veteran that he was going to have to bring the public into the equation.

After numerous emails and telephone calls to Larry Webb and his Associates the veteran sick as he was started picketing outside The New Home Company’s construction site. After a few weeks. I received through the contact page of my website a request from MV to take the website down. I figured and prayed that just maybe MV and his wife were going to get the help they need. That was the last time that I knew for sure that he and his wife were still alive.

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