The New Home Company Nazis and Termites

Then Came the Termites

The gassing and the destruction of the senior citizens mobile homes nearby Larry Webb’s The New Home Company construction site went on for months then years. But now there was a barrage of termite’s which started coming through the ceilings of one woman’s home. She had a termite inspection just prior to The New Home Company’s construction and it passed with flying colors.

    Then within a few months after Larry Webb’s construction started the termites were making little mud homes in her ceiling. You can actually see them hanging from the ceiling among all the holes that they had created. She begged and pleaded to Larry Webb, but he told her what she was going through was normal when you live next to construction, and it was her fault for living there.

The poor woman had all her money into her beautiful home which was destroyed by The New Home Company. She was near her children and just wanted to live her life out in peace. She only had a few years to live because of a very serious heart condition. She just didn’t have the thousands of dollars to fix all the damage to her home. She ended up having to move into the desert to live the rest of her life in a rundown trailer park hours away from her children.

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