Senior Citizens Harmed by H. Lawrence Webb of the New Home Company

H. Lawrence Webb of The New Home Company Purposely Harms Senior Citizens.

By this time I had some doubts about how a company like The New Home Company would purposely cause harm to senior citizens, Jews and veterans. So I did what I do best, research. On the surface things looked pretty good for Mr. Webb’s company, guess they have a good public relations company behind them, but when you dig a little deeper you find a good number of people that are dissatisfied with not only the quality of The New Home Company’s homes but also how the company stands behind what they build. I also tracked down some of the dissatisfied customers to hear their stories which I will publish later.

I wanted to take it further and investigate the construction site itself. Being all the way across the country at the time I contacted one of my resources in Los Angeles and got him to go out to the site and and take some photos and videos. MV  was right. The photos and video showed the water tank right where he said it was, directly behind his home. Also you’ll see in the videos big earth movers just a few feet away from a row of senior citizens mobile homes.

     At times you can see the mobile homes shaking from the vibrations created by the company’s heavy equipment. And from what I know about mobile homes they are not built on solid concrete foundations like a regular house. So there’s got to be some really good damage going on for many of those poor senior citizens most who are on fixed incomes no doubt.

     What are they supposed to do, just live in dilapidated houses because The New Home Company doesn’t have the brains to take care of people they harm?  Yeah, sick I know. So now you have a flavor of what it’s like to live in the shadow of The New Home Company’s construction projects.

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