How The New Home Company Nazis Really Treats People

How The New Home Company Nazis Really Treats Jew, Seniors and Veterans

It all began in late 2012 while I was doing some research for an article on the CIA and its evil involvement in other countries. I was told there was a guy in California who had years of experience working with or in the CIA and had written a book or was in the process.  Through Google I found some links that lead me to a website that had some information about a man who I’ll just refer to as “MV” for military veteran.

He seemed a fascinating type. After a week or two I finally tracked him down. From what I could tell he was in his 60s and when he spoke he was very straightforward. It was like he had experienced enough in life that he really didn’t care what people thought about him. Which was very refreshing considering most people I have to interview.

After a little time I told him that I was interested in interviewing him. He said he would definitely consider it but at the time he was having a lot of difficulty with a construction company close by that was causing him and his wife a lot of difficulties. Due to physical problems they were having as a result of the nonstop construction work it wouldn’t really be a good time for an interview.

So we spent most of our time talking about the terrible conditions that they were going through, caused by what turned out to be an outfit called The New Home Company run by man named H. Lawrence Webb. Mr. Webb’s company was building houses just a few feet away from the senior citizen mobile home park MV and his wife were living in. What he told me next sent chills down my spine.

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