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The New Home Company – Nazis Newsletter # 46

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H. Lawrence Webb
Larry Webb


Certain people consider H. Lawrence Webb to be the Fuhrer because of the fact that he is the mastermind behind The New Home Company. In every group of Nazis there must be a top guy who gives the okay for the gassing of innocent people such as senior citizens, Jews and US military veterans. All you have to do is watch the videos (see below) that tell the story of how Webb the Fuhrer oversees the destruction of seniors’ homes and the gassing of the innocent.

So, some of the neighbors contacted Fuhrer Webb, and guess what? He refused to take their calls and when his victims left messages, he never returned their calls. So much for honesty. I guess he is a very busy and hard-working New Home Company Nazi.

The New Home Company Nazis
Fuhrer Webb orders Lawsuit against Senior Citizens After Almost Gassing Them to Death.

Latest News Update

Normally Fuhrer Webb just threatens people with lawsuits that his company has harmed. But now this little Nazi gnome has taken it a step further. Here’s actually has the gall to sue two senior citizens by accusing them of “breach of contract”.

To fill you in on a little of the back story. The New Home Company two years ago parked large diesel water trucks a few feet away from the home of two senior citizens. The truck engines were kept running thereby surrounding the seniors’ home with toxic diesel fumes. After many complaints over weeks during the gassing which almost took the lives of the Company’s victims, The New Home Company threatened to sue if these two sick people opened their mouths again.

It’s obvious that this breach of contract lawsuit means that there was an agreement made between The New Home Company and their gassed victims some time ago.   It is believed that the The New Home Company victims would have signed a contract in order to get the much-needed money to help them with their overwhelming health issues brought on by the gassing.

Others have now been speaking out against The New Home Company and their Nazi procedures when dealing with their neighbors who have been subjected to damaged homes and health problems created by the construction next door. These outspoken critics of The New Home Company Nazis have learned not to make themselves easy targets for lawsuits. So Fuhrer Webb and his Nazi officers have gone after the neighbors who they gassed in order to put pressure on their critics.

So if you or anyone you know is contemplating buying a home from The New Home Company Nazis, be aware, you could be their next victim in more than one way.

If you would like to see any of the public court documents regarding this case just go to LA County Courthouse records on the Internet.

We will keep you informed as this case progresses.

Some of The New Home Company Nazi Officers

Fabienne Smolinski
Joseph D. Davis
Mark Kawanami
Tom Redwitz
Wayne Stelmar

After all the websites are built for everyone at The New Home Company, we will start building sites for all those who have a connection with these Nazis. That will include realtors, brokers and any others who deal with the company of liars and frauds.

More News

We will also have an update on the #1 toxic dumpsite in America.  And guess who built a large housing track across the street from over a thousands of acres of poison. You guessed it, The New Home Company. How many of these new homeowners were told about the toxic site across the street and how it would affect the value of their homes should they wish to sell in the future. But most of all the health dangers that the toxic site poses to them.

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Special Report on The Fascists of Santa Clarita

Apparently, NEWHALL LAND COMPANY, the owner of all the land in Santa Clarita thinks “Awesome” means a human being’s ability to thrive in an environment of constant pollution, toxic fumes, loud noises from 7 am to 7 pm — even as early as 6:30 am which is totally illegal and as late as 8 pm – according to some victims of The New Home Company’s VILLA METRO project.

Thank you, thank you.
The response to our emails and newsletters to realtors, brokers and those seeking new homes across the US has been overwhelming. We are now setting up to deliver the same messages to people in the field of real estate working and living in other countries. Thank you again, so much for your support and viewing the videos as well as signing up for our newsletters.

I will be posting recordings of phone conversations that will positively prove, that what is alleged in this article is absolutely true.

B. McGillis

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