H. Lawrence Webb Refuses to Stop Gassing

Veteran Pleads With Larry Webb to Stop Gassing Senior Citizens. Webb Refuses.

Even though MV was suffering greatly from being gassed by The New Home Company he walked a good distance to get to their main Gate in order to try to find someone who would stop poisoning him and his wife. When he got to the construction site he flagged down a man driving around in what looked like a white company pickup truck and told him about the diesel trucks and the gassing of his home.

     Even though the guy was one of the construction site managers he told MV he had to talk to a John Sherwood. He said Sherwood and Mr. Webb gave direct orders for the placement of the water tower. He didn’t know why, but he was just following orders. MV said he barely made it home even though it was a short distance because of how disoriented he was caused by the fumes. Next you will hear the first of many lies from Larry Webb and The New Home Company Management team.

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